Our Mission

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Our mission is to enable Business Excellence and to deliver innovative IT solutions products and services that enable our customers to meet their objectives.

Our focus on customers, reliable solutions, skilled people and strong partnerships backed by a clear strategy and vision have all contributed to Wismasoft's reputation for quality and professional service.



AutoTech strives to be a privileged and reliable long-term partnerships based on trust, not just a supplier.

We are guided by the business needs of our customers. Our work is based on continuous dialogue to ensure a full understanding of the needs of our customers and what must be done to improve their business results.



All our solutions share the same goal: to provide optimal business support and to help customers reach their strategic targets.

We systematically provide innovative, robust, best-of-breed solutions perfectly fitted to the particular needs of each customer.

Fruitful Partnerships :

1. We will look for the most suitable partnerships to best meet our customers' needs.

2. These partnerships result in optimal product combinations and complementary skills that contribute to building better global solutions.

We are carry: