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IT Service

Corporate Email & Internet Infrastructure Solution

Integrating networks and environments. AutoTech offers total Internet solutions which cater from SOHO to SMI and SME company to manage and make full use of their Internet access. The integrated mail server solutions comprises of the following modules:-

Proxy Server

Internet Access and management to all computers on the LAN using one single Internet account either dial-up PSTN or ISDN, xDSL or leased line. Innovative features like Internet access control, web filter, bandwidth control, web cache and time schedule promote productive usage and complete control of the Internet access of the entire organization.

Mail Server

The central repository for all electronic mail communication to and from your organization. This is a full-featured email server that will greatly enhance your business email experience thus providing e-mail addresses base on domain name to reflect a professional image for the company.

Antivirus for Mail Server

An integrated powerful anti-virus plug-in for the mail server to combat against the threats of viruses. Virus scanning at the mail server point plays a critical role in network security by removing harmful content at the security perimeter - before it enters and infects the whole network.

Software Firewall

Protects servers from the robust attacks of malicious hackers and intruders from the Internet.

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